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Think Safety, Think Auto Safety

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Whilst driving, you may have noticed any of the following issues which probably mean your exhaust (or part of your exhaust) needs attention or replacing:

  • A "Rattling" noise which may indicate parts of your exhaust system are lose
  • A "Roaring" noise which usually means a hole has appeared in the exhaust system either due to corrosion or something has hit the exhaust under the car whilst driving.
  • A "Hissing" noise usually means that the exhaust system is leaking somewhere.
  • Blue smoke coming out the end of the exhaust usually means a fault in the engine
  • White smoke coming out the exhaust when you first start the car is OK, if it continues to blow white smoke there is a problem with the engine which needs investigation.
  • Rust on the exhaust is quite normal but when the rust gets right through the exhaust and causes a hole it needs repairing or replacing.

Whatever the symptoms are with your exhaust, pop your car down to Burley Road, Leeds and our technicians will take a look and let you know what needs doing to fix it.

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